0.44.0 RELEASED Tuesday, 2 July 2013 Edit

Here we go, 0.44 is now out!

You will notice a lot of clothing bugs.  Make sure to import to a new game, and sell your old bodyarmour because it’s being phased out and will one day vanish.

The update is huge, so to protect my measly update server it won’t be on the standard auto-updater for a few days or so.  You can get it by the Steam or Desura auto-updaters, or by downloading the new installer here:


0.44.0 “Culture and stuff” This is a major overhaul to the items and artwork.  Many items are being phased out and replaced, you may find some of your gear (like straw hats) looks wrong, they need to be replaced.  NPCs will also be geared-up wrong, so you will need to import your squad into a new game world to fix everything up.

  • New AI Job system.  Shift-click when giving an order and it will become a permanent job for that character.  Eg shift-rightclick on a half finished building and he will become an engineer, helping out with all building jobs that appear.  If you give him an order he will do it, then go back to building when he is done.  Jobs can be removed in the orders panel in the bottom right.
  • Character AI jobs are also loaded and saved
  • Face customisation added to character editor
  • Hair for characters
  • Wandering traders should now work and buy stuff from your shop counters.  They don’t want your crappy looted swords though, they want food and booze and trade goods.
  • Totally new male character model
  • Entirely new bunch of armour and clothing, replaces most of the old stuff
  • You can find plastic surgeons in bars, basically they just re-activate the character editor for you.
  • Clothing and armour can modify your speed and combat skills
  • Clothing worn by some factions is tagged as a uniform.  This reduces the re-sale value, and in future updates will have diplomatic effects too.
  • NPCs are now more random and unique-looking


  • Traders no longer permanently run out of money
  • Fixed the negative research progress bug
  • Game pauses during character creation, so you don’t get attacked
  • Map screen now shows player towns again
  • Fixed AI problem where characters would run back and forth without doing anything


Progress Update (May) Thursday, 30 May 2013 09:51 Edit

I've been very quiet the last month, and those who know me by now will know this means I'm doing a lot of work for a big update.  So it's about time I told you all what is coming next.

I'm finally integrating all the character art that my freelance team of master artists has been working on for the last 9 months or so.

  • The male base model has been totally replaced.
  • The character editor now has facial editing features
  • Characters can now have hair.  The range of choices will increase over time

All clothing and armour is being replaced, and with it all the factions are being overhauled.

High priority for following updates:

  • Female characters
  • Beards
  • Armour crafting

Female characters take time to add, because it requires all the clothing and armour to be adjusted or re-modelled to fit them.  That's why I'm getting all the male character models and stuff in place first, it makes things easier for me.

All these changing models are going to be quite a shake-up for your existing save games.  You may find a lot of your old clothing and armour doesn't fit your characters anymore.  It's being phased out, and in future updates it will vanish completely so I suggest you sell it after the next update.

There will also be "Plastic Surgeon" NPCs in bars, these guys will re-activate the character editor for you so you can modify your existing squad of clones.

I'm also looking at tagging certain gear as "Uniforms".  Meaning if you loot a samurai for his armour, and get seen walking around wearing it, then other guys from that faction will be all like "Oi! Where did you get that armour?"  which will damage your relations with that faction.  In a future update I'll also make it possible to use as a disguise to infiltrate faction bases and stuff.  Looted uniforms will also have a lower re-sale value.
The main benefit to doing this is that it puts more emphasis on purchasing or researching and crafting your own armour in order to get the good stuff and catch up with the rest of the world.

Update ETA: a few weeks or so.

Update 0.42.2 Monday, 29 April 2013 18:31Edit

I'm uploading update 0.42.2 right now.  It fixes most of the major bugs that have been reported.

Now I've hired a freelance programmer to do a few auxiliary jobs.  First he's going to implement Wwise, a professional grade audio engine.  After that I can hire a professional sound designer, and the game will finally have sound.  Good sound too, I'm not cutting corners.

That will take a while though, if after the next update anyone starts going "Where's the audio? You said you did sound" then they will get a slap.

As for me I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing next, but it will be a bigger update this time.  So I'll be going off radar a bit and focusing on work.  It might be the new character creation, possibly even the new bigger world map.  Then I can have famous foliage modder Vurt make the new biomes.

Here are the changes for the last update:


  • -Integrated on-screen character name texts with GUI, so they don't appear on top of other panels
  • -Characters now choose storage boxes to get resources from, before resorting to the machine outputs.
  • -Characters now choose the nearest storage box if there are several to choose from.
  • -Research speed is displayed at the top of the research window
  • -Added Steel Refinery to make steel bars from.


  • -Fixed Holy Servants having no weapons
  • -Fixed complications when multiple characters tried to pick someone up at the same time
  • -Science skill now applies properly to research speed
  • -Fixed building power on/off buttons
  • -Fixed game freeze when building if you still had gates
  • -Fixed characters sometimes freezing after build mode
  • -Fixed newly crafted items not saving when left in bench
  • -Fixed the shopkeeper inventory crash
  • -Fixed the quickload problem when not all the map zones would be loaded
  • -Fixed the crafting window list being too short

Update 0.42, Weapon Crafting Sunday, 14 April 2013 20:18Edit

The new weapon crafting update is out now, here's the change list:
0.42.0 "Crafting"

  • -Weapon Crafting. Awesome.
  • -Ore mining.
  • -Stone/Ore mining upgrades, automated mines.
  • -Weapon types have been refangled around.
  • -Certain weapon types now give bonuses or penalties to attack/defence skills.
  • -New game start-off: "The Holy Sword".
  • -Characters will let you know if they don't have any inventory space to collect some goods, and all the storages are full
  • -When a character is working at something, the info window will show you which skill is being used, and the effect it has on his work output.


  • -Added extra Screen resolution option to the in-game options menu, because lots of people missed the one at startup.
  • -Fixed the bug where if you got negative money, you couldn't get paid for selling items
  • -Fixed crash when pressing the Rescue button

As usual, the next few updates will be smaller, bug-fixing type patches. Then I will probably go on to fix the wall building, and add some automate-able character AI jobs for your bases.

Update 0.40.5 Written by Chris Friday, 29 March 2013 10:48  Edit

I've released a new update, but it's only bug fixes this time.  Unfortunately since the Steam release I've spent most of my time being technical support and sorting out Steam keys and stuff.

On the bright side my payment handler BMTmicro said they will deal with all the messages from people who have lost their keys for me, which will be a massive time saver.

But now at least I've cleared the bug reports forum and I can start on the next feature update.  Top of my list is to add the walls back (with different a AI perception around it), add fuel/wind influence to generators, and add lots more research tiers and crafting.  I'm not sure which order I'll do them in yet though.

0.40.2 update Saturday, 02 March 2013 15:19Edit

0.40.2 is now released, so all the MAJOR bugs and crashes should be fixed.

Insanely complicated bit of code this walls business.  Aside from making the building process all user-friendly, and the complications of making dynamic changes to the navigation mesh in-game, in a seamless world, there's also the AI's need to be able to tell when his target or destination is within fortified walls, are the walls sealed, can we get inside, can we bash the gate down, should we bash the gate down... etc.  And that's as well as the fact that walls are a fixed length so making the end-point of them match up to the start position is impossible, and that players can build them inside out without realising...

So that's why I thought I'd take walls out temporarily until the next update.  But then I forgot to.  So instead just remember these things:

  1. Don't build more than one gate in your town walls, or gates within gates or anything like that, or you will get AI problems
  2. The crafting benches don't do anything yet, so don't build them.
  3. Don't build your gates and walls facing outwards.  I'll have to invent some code to auto-detect this and turn them around.

The next update will focus mainly on bugfixing the walls and gates, after that its worker AI and crafting.

Update 0.40 Written by Chris Saturday, 16 February 2013 14:38Edit

0.40 will be out in the next few days now.  It might still be a little buggy at first, but I've fixed most of the major problems with it now.  Sorry I haven't been speaking or replying much on the forums, I'm in super-work mode.  I'm reading all the bug reports and fixing it all, just doing it silently to save time.  Like a bug-fixing ninja lurker.  A handsome one.

I really can't wait to start implementing the new characters and gear.  There's going to be all new character models, armour, hair, beards, females, and from this new and more interesting factions.  I really want to do this now but its a big update, and I need to finish adding the essential missing features for the current update first:

  1. A proper squad window is needed, with job assignments.  You will be able to set characters to work on certain machines, and they will take care of it even if they have to go and work on another machine to get the resources they need.  They'll also return to work automatically after a fight etc.  At the moment you have to manually re-assign everyone to their stations after a fight, which is annoying.
  2. Proper assaults.  You will notice after you've build a simple base there's not much to do.  I need to add more AI that sends actual assaults, messengers and raids to your base to cause trouble, steal your stuff, or demand money.  Something to add survival pressure to you and also something thats more complex than just "dudes coming to attack you".
  3. More research levels.  And crafting.
  4. Walls will be taken out for the next update, to give me time to fix all the bugs with them.  They'll be added back quickly in 0.41

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