The ability to craft higher quality gear and armour, in a shorter space of time.

–In-game description


Characters operating various armour crafting benches

Added in the 0.50 update, Armour Smithing affects the speed and quality of the armour you craft. Armour Smithing is composed of two components: producing crafting material and crafting armour.

Producing crafting materials is the process in which your characters use the Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench and Plate Beating Station to make the materials needed for crafting armour. Alternatively, you could buy the materials needed for crafting armour. This would eliminate the need for several processes in-between but is more expensive.

Crafting armour is done using the Leather Armour Crafting Bench, Chain Armour Crafting Bench and Heavy Armour Smithy. Each of those will require a separate tech researched through Science.

The quality of smithed armour depends solely on the skill of the smith (with a small random factor); unlike weapon smithing, no research is required to upgrade the quality of armour.