Internal Name holy armour shop
Possible Locations Bad Teeth | Blister Hill | Holy Military Base | Stack
Resident NPCs Holy Armour Trader | Shop Guard x2
Maximum Stock 20 Items
Restock Time 24 Hours


The standard Armour Shop found in the Holy Nation towns. Unlike most other variants, this one has a selection of Shirt items for sale.

Possible Stock Edit

Item Name Item Type Relative Chance
Heart Protector Armour Guaranteed
Holy Chest Plate Armour 15.4%
Trader's Leathers Armour 7.7%
Heart Protector Blueprint Guaranteed
Drifter's Boots Footwear 7.7%
Plated Longboots Footwear 7.7%
Masked Helmet Headgear 7.7%
Tin Can Headgear 7.7%
Visored Helmet Headgear 7.7%
Chain Shirt Shirt 3.8%
Chainmail Shirt 3.8%
Leather Shirt Shirt 7.7%
Leather Turtleneck Shirt 7.7%
Leather Vest Shirt Guaranteed
Rusty Chain Shirt Shirt 7.7%
Rusty Chainmail Shirt 7.7%

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