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Salvages rags, straps and plates pulled together by a decent craftman has made this monstrosity. Commonly found on wanderers and bandit, it should't be understimated.

–In-game description


Stats Edit

Armoured Rags
[Shoddy Grade]
[Medium Armour Class]
[Metal Plate]
-Blunt resistance 0.12
-Cut resistance 0.32 (40% stun)
-Chest 90%
-Stomach 20%
-Right Arm 80%
-Left Arm 80%
-Stealth effect 0.49x
-Athletics effect 0.94x
-Combat skills effect +2
-Weight 15kg
-Value 4280
-Trade Value 642

Blueprints Edit

Armoured Rags

Burn, a skeleton wearing only a Armoured Rags

Armoured Rags Blueprint Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Research Material Cost Production

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