Successfully assassinating a person

If you are in a stealth mode you can sneak up behind people and knock them out. This skill determines how long they stay unconscious for.

Assassination is a stat that affects the player's ability to knock people out making them unconscious. It is useful when you want to polish off a person or a bunch of people without fighting them, or alarming the guards. A knocked out person can be looted the same way as if they were asleep.


You can train Assassination at The Hub, where the Shinobi Thieves can be joined for 10,000c. You gain access to their fence / trader, assassination dummies (assassination training, Mk. I & II), Training chests (Thievery training, Mk. I & II), and beds. You instantly gain 100 (full) favor with the faction, and they become your allies.

(Worthy of Note: A powerful (30-50's Stats) Shinobi Thieves' Wandering Assassin can be found in the northern Swamp region, traveling between Mud Town, Grayflayers Village, and Swamp Town. If you follow him, he will efficiently dispatch blood spiders and bandits - earning you valuable loot in the process. If you choose to serve as his bodyguard (right click -> Bodyguard), he will apply first aid and protect you if attacked or KO'd nearby. Though he is listed as a Wandering Trader, you cannot seem to trade with him. In daylight hours, he will stop to trade with local merchants.)

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