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The vast majority of the player's recruits will fall into this category. They have random names, and semi-random backstories. Each kind can also often be found in multiple varieties, dependent on the area or faction who controls the bar. The different variations generally only affect dialog and Race, though can affect Personality too.

Full details can be found on the individual character's page.

Sword for hire Edit

The basic new recruit. Has no notable Stats, Equipment, or Weapons. Only benefits are the price and the fact they come with a couple Standard first aid kits.

Subtypes: Edit

  • Shek Kingdom -- 3,000 Cats
  • Holy Nation -- 3,000 Cats
  • Holy Nation Female -- 3,000 Cats
  • Outlaw -- 3,000 Cats
  • Outlaw -- 3,000 Cats
  • Empire -- 3,000 Cats

Engineers  Edit

The main appeal of this recruit is their very high Engineer skill and decent Labouring skill. They also has an increased Strength and Athletics, other than that they identical to a basic Sword for hire statwise.

Subtypes: Edit

  • Holy Nation -- 6000 Cats
  • Shek(Maybe Kingdom) -- 6000 Cats

Medic  Edit

Much like the engineer, this recruit is specialized in certain skills. They come with a high Medic skill as well as a decent Science skill. Other than those they have identical Stats to the basic Sword for hire.

Subtypes: Edit

  • Holy Nation -- 6000 Cats
  • Outlaw -- 6000 Cats
  • Shek(Maybe Kingdom) -- 6000 Cats

Cook Edit

A recruit that specializes in cooking. They come with a high Cooking skill. (Possibly another high skill, will check once I get off work. Also I didn't really memorize the price cause I wasn't expecting it to not be on the wiki, woops. I want to say it was 6000)

Sword for hire Edit

Stronger than the basic Sword for hire, though still no notable Weapons or Equipment. 10 points in every combat stats, from weapon skills to general Melee Attack and Defence.

Subtypes: Edit

  • Empire -- 6000 Cats
  • Holy Nation -- 6000 Cats
  • Swamper -- 6000 Cats
  • Outlaw bounty -- 6000 Cats
  • Shek Kingdom -- 6000 Cats

Sword for hire Edit

Even stronger combat skills. Has a better quality Weapon, though the Equipment is still lackluster. 15 points in every combat stats, from weapon skills to general Melee Attack and Defence.

Subtypes: Edit

  • Holy Nation -- 7500 Cats

Other Recruits Edit

These ones don't fit into any of the other categories. They either have different stats or items.

Holy Nation Female Adventurer -- 3000 Cats Edit

  • Slightly better than a typical Sword for hire. Slightly higher Stats with some very basic Equipment.

Skeleton Recruit -- 3000 Cats Edit

  • Identical to the basic Sword for hire, with the exception of having no Equipment. Also comes with a Robotics Repair Kit. (Can only be found outside the Holy Empire)

Skeleton Recruit -- 6000 Cats Edit

  • Nearly identical to the previous Skeleton recruit, but more expensive and with increases combat Stats. (Can only be found outside the Holy Empire)

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