When you first begin your game, you will not have much of a chance when going up against gangs wandering the desert. Before you engage any opponent either with your single beginning character or with your own group, you will need to rely on other friendly groups to assist you in battle. Use these tips and methods to your advantage and quickly advance in the vast world of Kenshi.

The "Retreat to Safety" MethodEdit

With your character (or characters) begin moving out from your hometown of Brink. Sooner or later, you will come across many wandering groups of dust bandits and starving bandits. When using this tactic, make sure that a friendly group is nearby. You will know if they are friendly by scrolling over the people; if a chat sign pops up or the mouse icon stays gray, they are friendly. If it appears red, they are enemies. Try to pick an enemy group that is relatively small and head towards it. Once within range the bandits will begin chasing you down; you will need to run away from them as fast as you can (make sure to check your running speed so that yours is faster than the enemies). Immediately begin moving towards the friendly group you identified earlier. When you get close enough, the warriors of the group will begin chasing down the bandits. Once all of the warriors are engaged with the enemy, move your own characters into the fray. Not only will you receive the loot from the battle, but also gain some valuable defense and attacking skill levels for your characters.

The "Safety in Numbers" MethodEdit

This tactic is similar to the "Retreat to Safety" method. First, find the nearest bar and recruit the follower there for 700 Cats , customize him and head outside the gates. Once outside, look for groups of enemies, go nearby them and then lure them back to the city guards. Let the guards take the brunt of the attacks and maybe attack the weaker looking bandits. Once the guards have finished off the bandits, loot them all, equip the best stuff on your characters and sell the rest. Repeat while hiring more and more followers until you have around 5 or 6 followers and decent equipment for them. This is also a good opportunity to start training a medic, due to the fact you will most likely get hit at least once.

Next, find the groups of enemies, this time if you outnumber them, stand up and take them on. If things look like they aren't going to work, head back to the town and let the guards finish them off, repeat and your pockets shall fill and your skills shall increase.

The "Hit and Run" MethodEdit

This method requires relatively high athletics. Take one fighter and engage an enemy group. When sighted, allow the bandits to get close. Try to move around to make them form a line while they run toward you and attack the closest bandit once. Regardless if you hit or miss, run away, create some distance between your fighters and bandits and repeat. If the bandit is the first one to strike you, dodge the blow by running away a few steps and try again. As the bandits slowly start to die off you might try to take on some of the last ones for a bit longer and get some defense training. If done properly, you can kill entire groups with just one quick fighter regardless of skill and equipment. This is a good, but time consuming way of training individual fighters and is often more efficient than training dummies. Using a good, fast cutting weapon will wear out the bandits quicker through bloodloss though.

This method might be possible with several quick fighters, but obviously, the risks for injury increase with the number of fighters when using this method alone.

The "Smashing Groups" MethodEdit

This tactic is good whenever you find different groups of enemies close to each other. For instance, a group of dust bandits could be close to a group of hungry bandits. If this occurs, run towards one group and then circle back towards the other. At first, both will be trying to engage you, but if your athletics skill is high, which it should be, you will distance yourself from the two groups. They will then begin to attack each other until one group is left. At this point the group left standing will surely be injured from the battle. Simply take the rest out with your guys. From doing this, you have the loot of two full groups of bandits.

The "Secret Medic" MethodEdit

Get a few men in your squad, and send them all into an impossible battle, keeping one man back a safe distance, as a medic. Once your team gets their asses kicked, wait for the enemy to leave, and then move your medic in to recover your squad before they bleed to death.

The "Tanker" Method:Edit

If they have the advantage in numbers, choose your warrior with the highest defense skill and make him block and taunt simultaneously. Then have the rest engage the enemies, picking them off one by one.

The Round Kick-ass Method:Edit

While having a fight with a group which has fewer members than your squad, assign up to 4 to 1 enemy so your men won't get damaged from being in a cluster. 

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