Beds can be found in towns or built by the player.

Beds are used for restoring the health of characters. Beds are used to heal a player's wounds after they have been bandaged. Beds can be found in NPC towns or constructed in player buildings.

Key PointsEdit

  • Only one person can sleep in a bed at a time.
  • Beds heal wounds up to a maximum of 95, from which you passively restore the remaining health. However, wounds will only heal if you have bandaged them, if they haven't been bandaged wounds will fester and worsen while you sleep.
  • If you are carrying an injured person or NPC, you can lay them in a bed to stop wounds. (Placing incapacitated NPCs in a bed results in a status gain with their faction.)
  • A bed heals at twice the rate of a normal Camp Bed (800% heal rate compared to 400%)

Construction MaterialsEdit

Item Quantity Avg. Price
Building Material
Building Materials 1
Fabric 4