0.93.24 EXPERIMENTAL Edit

By Nat Posted On September 26, 2016

0.93.24 is out now! This is on experimental only, to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. 0.93.20 is the current stable version.

0.93.24 Edit

  • Performance boost! I measured an average 5-10 fps increase. This is not the main Ogre 2.0 performance update, that comes later.
  • Tons of new weapons! The number has doubled. More interesting blunt and hacking weapons, polearms added, blunt skill unlocked, old ones overhauled visually. Rare and unusual weapons to find.
  • Weapon types have more characteristics and stats have been rebalanced. Weapons can have advantages or penalies when used indoors, and bonus damage against certain opponents or animals.
  • Characters will automatically switch to their side-arm weapon when indoors, if it has less of an indoors penalty than their main weapon.


  • Crafted weapon quality is limited by character skill
  • Crafted armour quality is entirely dictated by character skill (no need for further research)
  • Crafting has a critical success chance, if character is skillful there is a chance the final item will be one grade higher.
  • material costs and craft time vary by weapon type
  • Crafted gear is now “imprinted” with the name of the smith
  • Scattered appropriate weapon blueprints around the world


  • Labouring skill XP rate increased 50%
  • Inventory interface subtly tuned to be a lit

 Dev Blog: New Weapons Edit

By Nat Posted On September 22, 2016

Our next experimental update is coming soon. 

The Ogre 2.0 optimisation update is still a few weeks away, but we have a mini update on it’s way which includes a completely separate performance boost. With this, we’ve managed to get an average 5-10 fps increase – with more improvement incoming next month. 

We’re also adding tons of new weapons, around double the current selection of weapons to be more specific. You’ll now find rare and unusual weapons, plus more interesting variations of polearms, blunt and hacking weapons and a visual overhaul of the old weaponry. As well as new looks, we’ve also rebalanced and added extra characteristics and stats for more tactical combat – larger weapons, for example, will have penalties when used indoors, and other weapons may inflict bonus damage against certain animals or opponents. 


Expect 0.93.24 within the next few days. Again, this will not be the Ogre 2.0 update.

 Update 0.93.23 Experimental Edit

By Nat Posted On September 15, 2016

In my last announcement I said we'd be quiet for a while on the update front, but I totally lied. And Captain Deathbeard ninja'd me with this extra sneaky patch. So note that this is NOT the optimisation or map update announced earlier this week[]. Just for clarification :) 

This is on experimental only, to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. 0.93.20 is the current stable version. 



Over the last few years the economy of Kenshi has seen some inflation so I've re-balanced it a little 

  • Recruits cost a lot more to hire, it's not so easy to rapidly get a bigger squad early on.
  • Cost of books is doubled
  • Bounty amounts for crimes are roughly doubled
  • You can no longer sell armour that is part of another factions uniform
  • Cooking food speed is x3, but ingredient cost is x8. Now the focus is less on waiting around for cooking, and more on running farms and protecting your crops until harvest time.
  • Properly added the research and crafting for the 3 main alcoholic drinks. These are the new cash crop as food was made less profitable in the last update.
  • Chainmail is 50% heavier


  • Tracked down the bug where your character would keep stopping when you are trying to run away from attackers
  • Stopped chars going crazy constantly cursing and chasin' off varmints and ignoring your orders
  • Stopped chars going off to get food in the middle of a fight
  • turrets no longer aim too high for small or young animals
  • some rare cases led to characters running away instead of fighting


  • Fixed a crash on save when you had a bounty with a minor faction


By Nat Posted On July 25, 2016


Our next update is almost finished and ready for release on Steam Experimental this week! This won’t include the next new map area but it will include a couple of small graphical improvements and fixes.

We’ve now added character’s getting wet up to the waterline (see image above), a dialogue log window (due to popular request), ragdolls floating in water, picking up and carrying animals and a system to allow game translations (shoutout to Dertz Lycron and Hasuka for their French and German translation mods on Steam Workshop).

You can follow us on our Trello page for more details on what we’re working on.

ETA: Coming end of this week

Update 0.93.0 Out Now (Experimental Only) Edit

By Nat Posted On June 30, 2016

The next map section is out now! Note that this is only available on the "Experimental" branch at the moment - to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose "experimental". The main branch will update to 0.92.2, patch noteshere. 

0.93.0 Edit

  • New world map sector unlocked, active area is now double the size. Lots of content to discover. A little rushed, will contine to add final bits of content later.  
  • Added hydroponic indoor farming techs
  • Player characters should now attack anything eating their crops
  • Stolen goods can be sold easier, shopkeepers can only detect if it was stolen from an ally faction. (before it was allies and neutrals)
  • Rain now waters the farms and crops
  • Updated some of the high-level research costs


  • Currently only runs in DirectX11 mode
  • No more 32-bit support, the game's memory requirements are too high
  • Initial loading time is sometimes pretty long on non-SSDs. The terrain will take ages to load in and things will look weird for a while but once loaded everything should be fine.

Please submit any bug reports to our official forums or the Kenshi Steam forums. Thank you for your help :)

 Update 0.92.0 Steam Workshop Integration (Experimental) Edit

By Nat Posted On June 17, 2016

Apologies, this is a little late, but here are the patch notes for yesterday's update (note, this is for the opt-in experimental branch only): 

Features Edit

  • Steam Workshop support added, new modding structure. All mod files need to be in kenshi/mods/modname/ instead of kenshi/data/. Other data files like textures should go in these folders too. 
  • Loads of new audio and new animal sounds 
  • Holy Nation Rebirth slave camp finished 
  • Added holy nation slave delivery caravan to take prisoners to rebirth 
  • Weather and birds systems improved 
  • Game speed >>> button now speeds the game up to 5x instead of 3x

Fixes Edit

  • Fog islands were too foggy 
  • Big memory optimisation 
  • Lots of small technical fixes 
  • Fixed the/a random stopping AI bug when following roads

The next update, 0.93.0, will unlock a new world map sector, doubling the size of the current active area.


The latest Newlands version has now moved over to the main Steam branch (AKA the stable branch). If you’re already opted in to Experimental there will be no noticeable change for you. Although it’s considerably more stable now, it’s still very heavy on performance and RAM, these will be optimised further over time but until then:

For performance issues: Reduce the terrain detail and view distance and turn off shadows. For low memory: Reduce the texture quality and view distance.

It’s recommended if you get problems that you uninstall kenshi before updating to the beta version. Steam update can sometimes leave old data files in there that can cause the game to crash, so this cleans them all out before installing.

You can’t load old savegames but you CAN import your squad without buildings and research.

The ‘Oldland’ version will still be available through Steam in the other branches. To play the older version, you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab)

You can find the original patchnotes covering the latest content here. In the next update we’ll be adding workshop support.

Next map section release TBA

0.90.X HOTFIXES Edit

By Nat Posted On May 26, 2016

There will be a whole bunch of patches over the next week while we stabilise the game, we’ll add them all here in one place. Check back frequently for updates detail below…


Currently, 0.90.0 is very heavy on performance and RAM, these will be optimised further over time.

For performance issues: Reduce the terrain detail and view distance and turn off shadows. For low memory: Reduce the texture quality and view distance. You can’t load old savegames but you CAN import your squad without buildings and research.

The old version will still be available through Steam in the other branches.


31st March

0.90.1 Edit

  • Imposed limitations and a fix for importing old-world savegames
  • Enabled the missing playable races

1st April

0.90.2 Edit

  • Stopped new games starting in deadly towns.
  • Fixed getting stuck when trying to add building materials
  • Fixed some of the crashes at startup that some people were getting
  • Pets no longer need to eat. This is a temporary measure, later I will figure out a feeding method or something.

0.90.3 Edit

  • Added missing Dialog.mod file. Tons of content was missing there, and caused some crashes
  • Fixed crash when purchasing buildings
  • There are some big long slowdowns and freezes in the game at random times when zones are unloaded. Optimised these in a gung-ho kinda way to get it out quick. Will go over it more carefully later.
  • Robot repair kits now available at construction traders. Not in the holy empire though.
  • Hive faction shop was missing tons of item types
  • More fixes for starting in bad towns

0.90.4 Edit

  • Fixed dialogue crash after stealing stuff.
  • Fixed getting cooked food item from campfire.
  • Fixed research consuming the required amount of items.
  • Food now properly consumed from backpack
  • Finished fixing the long freezes and slowdowns properly. My previous solution probably was causing bugs, which will now be fixed. Performance should be smoother.
  • Fixed the black stripes on the terrain some people were getting.
  • random nest items no longer spawn under the floor in buildings

3rd April

0.90.5 Edit

  • Fixed dialogue crash after stealing stuff.
  • Fixed getting cooked food item from campfire.
  • Fixed research consuming the required amount of items.
  • Meat is worth more nutrition and cooks way faster
  • Can’t reproduce the Paladins in Wildlife faction bug, so I think it was because of the missing mod file before. Will enforce save imports for this version and see if it still happens.
  • Fixed animals unable to attack
  • Fixed multiple characters showing all at once in the character editor

0.90.6 Edit

  • Books are now a little more common, and can be found in the holy empire towns
  • Fixed random buildings getting navmesh-blocked so nobody could get inside
  • Added a mercenary squad to the Waystation bar to help the freedom seekers start

4th April

0.90.7 Edit

  • Hunger now drains slower when you are KO
  • Fixed the repeat bounty exploit
  • Fixed beak things & bulls unable to attack
  • Eating stacked food no longer depletes the whole stack
  • Fixed imported squads having an empty build list
  • Bread is crafted much faster
  • Fixed crash with research bench lvl IV
  • Fixed player characters not updating properly offscreen
  • Bunch ‘o crash fixes, particularly with the research window

0.90.8 Edit

  • Added missing cooking stove
  • Night time is now less dark
  • Fixed camera refusing to descend

5th April

0.90.9 Edit

  • Fixed some of the major navmesh issues in border zone
  • Bunch ‘o crash fixes
  • Another improvement to load-time framerate slowdowns
  • Hivers no longer get injury penalties at full health
  • Fixed hunger penalty for some skeleton NPCs

6th April

0.90.10 Edit

  • Fixed some issues with mines
  • Fixed fuel storage only storing 1 item
  • Fixed crash when dismantling buildings
  • Added crop yield values when placing farms (this should avoid placing farms that won’t give crops)
  • Fixed animals inventory weight.
  • Fixed in crafting buildings: saving/loading of inputs and items, stacking outputs (when possible), crafting times
  • Fixed the crazy long food crafting times
  • weapons and backpacks are left behind if a character is eaten

8th April

0.90.11 Edit

  • Fixed underground interiors selection
  • Removed already learnt research from the research list.
  • Fixed bug with adding building materials to certain buildings
  • Performance optimisations
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed characters flickering on some systems

11th April

0.90.12 Edit

  • Crash fixes

12th April

0.90.13 Edit

  • Restored the muscle/skinny effect on characters
  • Fixed the inability to build campfires, and they are now free to build
  • Fixed the skeletons texture
  • Fixed the bug with wrong damage amounts showing when hit by animals
  • Fixed a farm AI bug
  • Fixed the hovering turrets bug

13th April

0.90.14 Edit

  • Stopped people freaking out so quickly when you enter their houses
  • Fixed sometimes when you buy a house a resident remains and calls the guards
  • Fixed a navigation bug with moving inside towns with walls
  • Fixed assassination dummy upgrading to wrong thing, and the missing iron refinery III

0.90.15 Edit

  • Fixed the missing audio
  • Player town location is now adjusted when you destroy buildings
  • Town walls are now passable until they are 80% complete, also the material now reflects this better
  • Fixed engineers not doing anything if they didn’t have the materials already

14th April

0.91.0 Edit

  • Improved back-threaded resource loading, for slightly smoother load times
  • Fixed a bug that was causing progressive framerate decay in the last 2 updates
  • Fixed batteries thinking they were wind generators

0.91.1 Edit

  • I’ve put v0.90.10 as a separate branch on steam, as that was quite a stable version and there are some big bugs going on in the latest versions
  • Crash fixes

15th April

0.91.2 Edit

  • Game now runs on 2-core CPUs

Hivers now react to crime

  • NPCs react properly to failed knockouts
  • Added hemp-based fabric loom
  • You can now eat while using turrets
  • Fixed character editor crash with ragdoll characters
  • Other small tweaks and fixes

19th April

0.91.3 Edit

  • Characters now defend their farms from river raptors and other pests
  • Fixed a bug with stealing chance calculation when stealing from containers
  • You can now eat while using turrets
  • Fixed the turrets missing neutral targets

20th April

0.91.4 Edit

  • Finished fixing up turrets. They’re a bit more powerful at higher skill levels
  • Building doors have 3x more hitpoints
  • NPCs no longer lose their short-term memory when you load a game
  • Characters now prefer to eat higher level food items, so they won’t eat up all the raw ingredients if they have a proper meal. They also won’t eat ingredients until they reach 200 hunger instead of 250.

25th April

0.91.6 Edit

  • AI doesn’t get confused when the output of a crafting bench changes, will now clear out all the old items and continue working
  • Improvements to item collection/delivery AI
  • Fixed the combat stumble-toughness threshold, stronger characters should get stunlocked less
  • Fixed up the building & wall placement, its a lot nicer now
  • Added a few small buildings, like ceiling fans and electric light posts
  • Shift-click on an animal corpse will create an auto-loot job for gathering meat & leather
  • Fixed right click movement in wall ramps
  • Fixed GUI threading issues
  • Fixed dropped item losing STOLEN tag
  • Can now move building previews again after placing them
  • Fixed stolen items behavior
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes

26th April

0.91.7 Edit

  • Building inventory is now imported when you import game
  • More stumble fixes
  • Fixed crash when starting with texture quality setting too low
  • Lots of small uninteresting fixes

28th April

0.91.8 Edit

  • Characters in home base now automatically get food from storage when they need to eat
  • Characters outside of home base share food with squadmates if it’s in their backpack
  • Fixed combat missing attacks when on steep slopes
  • Fixed unable to build wall ramps
  • Fixed “auto-arrange” button sometimes losing items
  • Fixed the cheap research costs bug

29th April

0.91.9 Edit

  • Fixed un-blockable animals
  • Turret guards can now go and get food too
  • Fixed AI pathfinder confusion with floors of objects
  • Fixed AI taking all the food he can carry instead of just one item

4th May

0.91.10 Edit

  • Turret gunners change to better targets more often
  • Lots of fixes to the general crafting/hauling AI
  • Added turrets with spotlights
  • Fixed assassination dummy training wrong skill
  • Fixed random crash when buying buildings

5th May

0.91.11 Edit

  • Fixed un-healable animals
  • Added new game start, and wandering trader starts with a pack animal
  • A few more AI fixes

0.91.12 Edit

  • Fixed a display bug in the stat XP progress bars in the stats window. It should now show progress correctly
  • Fixed the Dust King bounty exploit
  • Some memory optimisations
  • A few crash fixes

0.91.13 Edit

  • Emergency quickfix for a random crash

0.91.14 Edit

  • AI fixes for taking wrong materials from machines
  • AI fix for getting confused with food deliveries when hungry
  • Crash fixes

10th May

0.91.15 Edit

  • Mainly crash fixes
  • Fixed animal hair disappearing in character editor
  • Fixed mouse tracing building through terrain
  • Fixed harpoons material
  • Fixed character visibility on upper floors

0.91.16 Edit

  • NOTE: For modders, there are now skinned character model templates available on the lo-fi forums
  • Added an optional “no hunger” mod for those who don’t like starving to death cold and alone.
  • Dogs have a little more meat on them (3 instead of 1)
  • Fixed a bug where a character could become un-hittable in combat if not tagged as enemy
  • Bunch of fixes for the law enforcement AI dealing with prisoners and loot confiscation
  • Fixed blank items icons
  • Fixed issues with upgrading and dismantling walls

19th May

0.91.17 Edit

  • Hunger time is now 50% longer
  • Fixed items missing from containerss in non-shop NPC buildings

Some fixes for building placement

  • There was a bug a few versions back that damaged a setting on your interior buildings. Symptoms would be the AI having trouble reaching the object, getting confused, standing on the wrong floor… You can fix it now by rebuilding the navmesh with ctrl+shift+F11 when in your base.

0.91.18 Edit

  • Quickfix for a possible freeze. Not sure if it was a freeze, but quickfix just in case.

26th May

0.91.19 Edit

  • Have done a bit of tweaking to the sensory system. You are now harder to see and hear when you are in a different building or on a different floor, this means for example that you could fight your way up a tower floor by floor without instantly triggering every enemy in the area.
  • Spiders now eat you by sucking out your sweet sweet juices, instead of eating you from the legs up like everything else does. There aren’t any spiders in the current map, I just wanted to mention it.
  • Fixed moving characters sometimes going under the terrain when loading
  • Fixed items sometimes being dropped if you move them too fast
  • Fixed an issue with preview building altitude
  • Added cheek fatness slider (for now only human female characters)
  • Much crash fixes

*To submit crash reports and bugs, please use our Steam forum or official forum and we’ll look into it as soon as we can*