Blueprints are an alternate way to research some technologies as opposed to learning them at a Research Bench. Blueprints allow your faction to automatically learn the tech associated with it, and may be needed to unlock other tech that is learned through the research bench. The trade off to the new system is that while research times for these technologies are instantaneous you have to hunt down the blueprints, which are spread out across the world among the various factions.

Types of BlueprintsEdit

There are currently three types of blueprints in Kenshi: Construction, Medical, Weapons, and Armour and Clothing

Construction Blueprint Edit

Construction blueprints can be bought from the Construction Trader. The only way to research and build the largest buildings for your outpost is though acquisition of these blueprints.

Medical Blueprints (Removed Content) Edit

Medical blueprints were bought from Hospitals in early builds of the game, but have since been phased out. Any tech dealing with Medical Items is now researched at a Research Bench.

Weapon Blueprints Edit

Weapon blueprints can be found at Weapon Traders and will vary depending on what faction trader you are buying from. Once used the blueprint will unlock the ability to craft that type of weapon at whatever quality of weapon manufacturers you have already researched. Currently weapon blueprints can only be found at Dead Cats, United Cities and The Holy Nation Weapon Traders.

Armour and Clothing Edit

Armour and Clothing blueprints can be bought from Armour, Clothing and Hat Traders with each faction having certain blueprints. Unlike Construction and Weapon blueprints, Armour and Clothing blueprints unlock the lowest level of gear (currently Prototype). Additional research is required for each subsequent grade. For example, if you buy and use blueprints for both the Assassins Rags and Ninja Rags they will both unlock the Prototype grade versions. If you then research Shoddy Grade for Ninja Rags, Assassins Rags will still be prototype grade until you research it's next level.

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