Body Armour

Overview Edit

Body armor includes any piece of equipment of any armour class that is meant to cover the torso in the chest armour slot.

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Cloth Armour Class Light Armour Class Medium Armour Class Heavy Armour Class
Gi Icon
Assassins Rags
Assassin's Rags
Rags Armoured Icon
Armoured Rags
Holy Chest Plate Icon
Holy Chest Plate
Slave Shirt Icon
Black Rag Shirt
Drifters Leather Jacket Icon
Drifter's Leather Jacket
Rags Armoured Icon
Armoured Rags (colored)
Mercenary Plate Icon
Mercenary Plate
Slave Shirt Icon
Holy Servant Rags
Dustcoat Icon
Mercenary Leather Armour Icon
Mercenary Leather Armour
Samurai Armour Icon
Samurai Armour
Monk Robes Icon
Monk Robe
Heart Protector Icon
Heart Protector
Police Armour
Police Armour
Ninja Gi
Ninja Gi
Longcoat Icon
Slave Shirt Icon
Rag Shirt
Ninja Rags Icon
Ninja Rags
Sleeveless Longcoat Icon
Sleeveless Longcoat
Trader&#039;s Leathers Icon
Trader's Leathers

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