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Forbidden within the Holy Nation. An ancient scripture from an unknown author:

"The great father Chitrin was betrayed by his children; broken by their sins and their lack of faith. And so the great father's powers diminished and calamity erupted; but only when the lands began to swallow themselves did the children plead for help. Only at a time desperation and fear, did their devotion burn it's brightest.

But the great father was pure and forgiving, so he sacrificed himself for his beloved children. To give them a new chance at life, he cleansed the planet of it's sickness. But the task was too much, and Chitrin was split in two reborn, one of light and one of dark.

Together, two gods would exist in equilibrium; Okran, god of day, warmth and renewal; Narko, god of night, cold and destruction. And from that day forth it was known, the great father's sacrifice must not be in vain, the gods must be given strength, the cycle of death and rebirth preserved."