"Stealing, picking locks, looting bodies in town, these are all crimes that will get a bounty put on your head if you are spotted." In-game tip

"If your character has a bounty on his head then he should avoid going to towns with a police presence. It takes time for someone to recognise you though, so if you have to go in- avoid attention and get out fast." In-game tip

"The bigger your bounty, the more people are going to recognise you. Police and bounty hunters are the sharpest spotters, while civilians will only recognise the most infamous of criminals." In-game tip

"If someone has a bounty on their head you can freely attack them without any trouble from the police." In-game tip


If player have a bounty some factions try to catch him. They will attack player and after defeating him they will put him into a cage. Such factions are The Empire, The Holy Nation, Police, Imperial Lords, Mongrel and Bounty Hunters.

Besides stealing, picking locks and looting bodies in town, player can be wanted even for visiting residential houses (like Mongrel or The Holy Nation ones). These houses are usually private. People in such houses will ask player to leave. But currently they give the player no time to do so. After asking they will immediately call more people and attack the player. Therefore, be careful and check a house status for "Public" before entering.

Bounty Types Edit

Standard Edit

-- These bounties will fade over time.

  • Burglary
  • Tresspassing
  • Assault

Notorious Edit

-- A large bounty makes player more notorious. After the bounty reaches 10 000 c., it will never expire.

  • Terrorism
  • Being a Shek (The Holy Nation)

Bounties for enemies' heads Edit

Bounties are prices put out on the heads of notorious characters such as Sand Ninja Jounin, Dust Bandit leaders, Starving Bandit leaders, and even the player themselves if they commit crimes. Note that not all leaders necessarily have a bounty on them, but you can find out which ones do by clicking on them. This will tell you if that particular character has a bounty and how much the bounty is if they do.

To collect a bounty, deliver their body to the Police and they will pay you as you release it. It should be noted that the character must be delivered alive for the full bounty, but the Police will accept their corpse for a smaller bounty (usually around half of what they would pay if the character were alive) and that it does not matter who killed or incapacitated the character, as long as you are the one that turns it in the bounty is yours.

Instead of the usual cash bounties, the player may get a fog prince head which they can then sell.

Possible bugs Edit

  • In the current beta, an easy way to make a considerable amount of money is to have a particular character repeatedly commit crimes against one of the major factions, such as The Holy Nation, and have a second character carry the first to a prisoner cage owned by said faction. No members of that faction have to be present by whichever cage you deposit your bounty character into.