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Cargopants are clothing that is wearable as pants. They are unlocked to craft after researching Leather Armour Crafting Bench. They are also widely available at Clothing Traders throughout the game. The base version of Cargopants neither improves nor decreases protection or stats for the character wearing them. There are variations of Cargopants that do offer protection to their wearer.


Cargopants are simple full-leg length khaki colored pants. They are held up on the character by a black belt and have one cargo pocket on each leg about knee height.


-Weight 0kg
-Value 50
-Trade Value 10


Cargopants Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Location(s) to Buy Unlocked with Leather Armour Crafting Bench
Research Material Cost Production
No Grade 0 hrs 0.8 3 hrs

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