Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench
A setup for the difficult and tedious task of creating chainmail. Many smiths prefer to just buy the stuff, or assign an apprentice to the job.

–Ingame description


The Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench is a crafting building type introduced in patch 0.50. This crafting station allows players to craft Chainmail Sheets by hand. 

These sheets can then be fashioned into armour at a Chain Armour Crafting Bench

Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench Construction InfoEdit

  • Type - Interior/exterior
  • Iron Plates
  • Estimated Build Time - 1 Hours
  • Power Consumption - 8
  • Efficiency - 100%
  • Produces - Chainmail Sheet
  • Can't be upgraded

Chainmail Sheet Fabrication Bench Building InfoEdit

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