This page contains information about modding Kenshi's characters. Modding is done through the Forgotten Construction Set (FCS).


Attributes are the Items own stats that do not require references to other Items (such as weapons or factions). These are mostly strings, integers and mesh/body files. They are found on the left hand side of an Item's properties window.


  • Name: Pretty straightforward, this is the name which the game and construction set display for this Item.
  • Object Type: What type of Item this is (CHARACTER). Can not be changed.
  • String ID: The String ID is a unique identifier for each item, it must never be the same for 2 objects. DO NOT CHANGE IT if already placed in the game world (otherwise those references will vanish). If it is already referenced by another object (eq item in a character inventory), that's ok because it will update the ID in those references. It is what determines when an item in a .mod file modifies/inherits from an item in another file (usually .base).

(rule of thumb: you will probably never need to change String ID, unless you've done something very, VERY wrong)


  • bounty amount: Size of bounty (if any).
  • bounty amount fuzz: Bounty amount will randomly vary by this amount.
  • bounty chance: Chance of this character having a bounty (between 0 and 100).


  • body: The body shape of this character (.body file). Leave blank for random body.
  • faction importance: Multiplier for the effect on faction relations any actions relating to this character. Set low for peasants, high for nobles or diplomats. Essentially this expresses how important this character is to its faction.
  • max inventory level: ?
  • min inventory level: ?
  • stats randomise: Randomises stats by this amount.


  • diplomatic status: If true this character is a diplomat. Stops enemies from attacking him, allows talking instead.
  • is trader: If true, this character is a trader. Must have either a large backpack or a shop. And a vendor item list.


  • named: If true, this character has a name randomly chosen from the name list.
  • unique: This character will only ever spawn once.


References are properties of an item that are determined by other Items, such as a characters inventory, a faction's members or an town's residents. These are not always required and can often be left blank. They are found on the right hand side of an Item's properties window.

  • AI Goals: Set of goals that will always apply to this character.*
  • backpack: What kind of backpack this character spawns with.
  • clothing: What equipment this character spawns with.
  • inventory: What items the character spawns with.
  • faction: What faction the character belongs to.*
  • personality: What personality the character has, useless as of this writing.
  • race: What race this character is of.
  • stats: Base stat package the character spawns with. Can be slightly randomized with the "stats randomize" attribute.
  • vendor: What kind of vendor this character is. Package determines shopkeeper's inventory.
  • weapon level: When this character spawns, it's weapons will be of this level (manufacturer).
  • weapons: Weapons this character spawns with.