Clothing Graphic

The finest clothing is a person's own skin, but, of course, society demands more than this.


Clothing is any equipment which can be equipped in an armour slot but gives no defensive bonus and does not fall in to the Light, Medium, or Heavy armour class. Many serve no purpose beyond hiding your shame and tend to be found as starting gear on new recruits, though some may provide bonuses to Athletics, Combat Speed, and or Stealth.

Note: for Equipment of a specific armour class see Armour. Edit
Location Image Item Cost Sell Price
Straw Hat Icon
Straw Hat
Shirts White Vest
Cloth Shirt Icon
Cloth Shirt
Black Cloth Shirt
Slave Dress Icon
Rag Loincloth
Halfpants ragged
Halfpants (ragged)
Cargopants Icon
Monk Pants Icon
Monk Pants
Gi Pants Icon
Gi Pants
Ninja Pants
Gi Icon
Wooden Sandals Icon
Wooden Sandals