Cultural Groupings And Evolution I

How did our current cultures come into being and is there relation to the ancients? Evidence suggests the existence of lesser tribes which may have survived the mass extinction due to different genetic makeup to the ancients. However whether their existence coincides with the timeline of them, we cannot confirm.

And what about the differing characteristics between our present races? Environmental evolution is a likely cause of our rather drastic changes in appearance to one another, or even mutations from the industrial remains of the ancients. We share the same main features to suggest we share the same roots at least.

As for the ancient master race, given the advanced level of technology used by them, it's a very real possibility that they were not from our lands but in fact an alien race of settlers in search of new natural resources. Our, then, primitive ancestors would have been powerless to repel the invaders from their homelands, but instead lived at a neutral distance from them. Whether alien or simply a whole new life form to us, the level of brain power they possessed was something beyond our own physical means.

- Idad

Cultural Groupings And Evolution II

Do our present cultures have links to the ancients? We've not yet found any evidence of a separate 'ancient' race to our own, which indicates that our current races as we know them possibly all originate from the few survivors of one master race. This would mean that the ancients were some form of human, shek or hiver although, with such considerable differences in appearance, 'natural' evolution's involvement feels hard to swallow.

But, evolution aside, who created whom - the skeletons or the ancient master race? So far we've not found any tech that would be capable of organic creation, but many of the ruins indicate a strong skeleton presence. Even so, arts and miscellaneous remains suggest the coexistence of both within the ancient kingdom and, without a doubt, I would bet my life that we are the surviving descendants of them.

- Finch