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Drifters Boots Icon
Good solid long-range boots, common for travellers.

–In-game description

Drifters Boots are armour that are equipped in the Boots slot. They belong to the Light Armour Class.

They provide modest coverage and resistance, but are light and do not restrict the character's movement by much.


Drifters Boots are knee-high leather boots. These have no additional material on them for added protection, which make them lighter than other boots.

Stats Edit

Drifters Boots
[Shoddy Grade]
[Light Armour Class]
-Blunt resistance 0.1
-Cut resistance 0.16
-Right Leg 40%
-Left Leg 40%
-Athletics effect 0.96x
-Weight 1kg
-Value 229
-Trade Value 45
Drifters Boots
[Standard Grade]
[Light Armour Class]
-Blunt resistance 0.16
-Cut resistance 0.21
-Right Leg 40%
-Left Leg 40%
-Athletics effect 0.97x
-Weight 1kg
-Value 538
-Trade Value 107


Drifters Boots
Drifter Boots Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Tech Level lvl 2
Cost 538 cats
Location(s) to Buy DC Armour Traders or Footwear Traders
Research Material Cost Production
Prototype 0 hrs  ?  ? hrs
Shoddy 6 hrs  ?  ? hrs
Standard 9 hrs  ?  ? hrs

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