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Dust Bandit
A dust bandit
Attributes 7 - 13
Weapons Horse Chopper
Armour None
Clothing Halfpants (Old & Colored) / Mask (Colored) / Wooden Sandals
Inventory None

Dust Bandit's, like Hungry Bandit's, are very common in the world of Kenshi. However, unlike Hungry Bandits, Dust Bandits are much stronger and should be approached with caution for new players. They carry nothing but Rusty Horse Choppers, except for the boss Dust Bandit Leader, who often carries a Ringed Sabre. Dust bandits provide a hefty sum of income for new players who loot their gear. They become a nuisance later in the game to players with 20+ skills. Dust Bandits are not allies with Hungry Bandits or Sand Ninjas and can be seen fighting each other in the desert.