Dust Bandits are a hostile faction found around the Border Zone biome. Dust Bandits are better trained and equipped than some other bandit groups, like Starving Bandits. Members of this faction wear a mixture of different armor but Heart Protectors appear to be common for them. They often engage in extortionist tactics, attempting to get their victims to pay tribute to them to prevent attacks from their raiding parties.

They are lead by a man known as the Dust King, who is much stronger than your average bandit and carries a large bounty on his head.

Dust Bandits are able to organize base assaults on player's outposts.

Non-Player Characters Edit

This faction has a clear hierarchy:

Recruits Edit

Inside of the Dust King's Tower, a Scorchlander named Cat might be imprisoned (The spawn is random). She can be rescued and join the player faction.

Relations Edit

Faction Relations Edit

The factions this faction has special relations with. Most others will use the default (0), bandits use (-100).

Player Relations Edit

  • Attacking a Dust Bandit camp unprovoked will result in a decrease in relations with the Dust Bandits.

Locations Edit

Biomes Edit

The regions of Kenshi which this faction can easily be found.

Outposts Edit

  • The ruler of the Dust Bandits, the Dust King, can be found in his tower.
  • All around the Border Zone, groups of Dust Bandits can be found in camps. These camps are marked on the map with a symbol but no text.