93 factions

In Kenshi there are several different factions you can join and fight against. Some factions will be hostile to any person they see such as: Cannibals, Berserkers and Swamp Ninjas.

The different factions can wage war against one another so be careful with who you choose to attack.

By attacking a different faction you will become an enemy of that faction for some time. Some factions have methods to repair relations, but most do not. So pick your battles wisely.

Player FactionEdit

The player's faction. All your characters belong to it.

Major Factions Edit

The main factions of the world. They tend to have several cities and outposts across the world, and will likely be the primary factions you interact with during gameplay.

Minor Factions Edit

The minor players in the world. Usually only have a couple of outposts or cities at most. There are quite a few across the world, so you'll likely meet several of them as you explore. Though you'd be forgiven for not noticing some of them.

Hostile Factions Edit

Ancient Security Robots, Bandits, Cannibals, and the like. These are the factions that are out to kill or rob you. Some have outposts where they are based out of, but players are not generally welcome. You'll likely spend a large amount of time fighting these factions.

Non-Factions Edit

While technically factions, these will not show up in the factions list. And cannot have their relations changed. Often used for empty locations, ruins, wildlife, or to represent groups that have no actual organization. (e.g. Drifters, Slaves, etc.) Some are hostile, and others are passive and have no care in the world for what you're doing.