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Flat Topper
A hybrid that mixes impact and cutting damage. A good beginners weapon.
Class Hacker
Bleed Rate 1
Reach 23
Inventory Height 1
Inventory Width 9

A Flat Topper is a Hacker Class weapon. It has a nice balance between cutting and blunt damage. Hackers are considered a thug's weapon due to the fact that they require brute force rather than any skill, however this does make them easy to use.

Related skillEdit

The Hacker skill determines damage with weapons classified as Hackers.


All possible variations in an un-modded game.

Manufacturer Edit

Manufacturer(s) Model Weight (kg) Cutting Damage Blunt Damage Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Buy Value Sell Value
Unknown Totally Rusted Junk
Unknown Rusted Junk
Unknown Rusting Blade
Metal Purity 002
Metal Purity 003
Metal Purity Industrial 004 +2 Defence
Old-Eye Blades Industrial 004 +2 Defence
Metal Purity Industrial 005 +2 Defence
Old-Eye Blades Industrial 005 +2 Defence
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 1 +2 Attack
Old-Eye Blades Industrial 007 +2 Defence
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 2 +2 Attack
Old-Eye Blades Industrial 008 +2 Defence
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 3 +2 Attack
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 4 +2 Attack
Truth Two Mk III
Truth Two Mk IV
Truth Two Mk V
Truth Two Mk VI
Edgewalkers Edge Type 1
Edgewalkers Edge Type 4
Edgewalkers Edge Type 5

Homemade Edit

Manufacturer(s) Model Weight (kg) Cutting Damage Blunt Damage Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Buy Value Sell Value
Homemade Totally Rusted Junk
Homemade Rusted Junk
Homemade Rusting Blade
Homemade 002
Homemade 003
Homemade Industrial 004 +2 Defence
Homemade Catan No. 1 +2 Attack
Homemade Industrial 005 +2 Defence
Homemade Catan No. 2 +2 Attack
Homemade Industrial 007 +2 Defence
Homemade Catan No. 3 +2 Attack
Homemade Industrial 008 +2 Defence
Homemade Catan No. 4 +2 Attack
Homemade Mk III
Homemade Mk IV
Homemade Mk V
Homemade Mk VI
Homemade Edge Type 1
Homemade Edge Type 4
Homemade Edge Type 5

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