The fog islands of Mongrel. Only the desperate ever come here. Refugees from The Holy Nation, hoping to lose their pursuers to the Fogmen..."
"Fog men!?!"
"Scared, eh? Turning yellow?"
"Shut up, I ain't afraid!

–Player character(s) quote

A semi-cold valley where a perpetual low fog looms over the ground. Scraps of massive metal of a forgotten civilization litter the ground, adding to the mystery of the lands. It is here where a savage cannibalistic Hive tribe known as the Fogmen make their home, using the fog as an element of surprise to prey on unsuspecting people and devour their flesh and bones.

A city named Mongrel is located within the Fog Islands, drawing brave travelers to seek refuge in a free city beheld by no empire. Not even the Fogmen could ever overrun this resilient settlement, and so it remains the most dominant city in the savage Fog Islands.

Fog Island World Map Crop 001

Towns And Villages Edit

Dungeons Edit


Biome Edit


Water Green Arid Swamp Wind
50% 30% 40% 0% Unknown

Tips Edit

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