Fog mask
A breathing mask that helps mitigate the negative health effects of fog.

–-Ingame description

The fog mask can be crafted through blueprints or can be stolen or looted of anyone who has it equipped. It is also sold by some traders in the swamp villages, although rarely.

The fog mask allows your characters to see in the fog. Fog masks will prevent characters from taking damage in poison clouds, such as those present in the Black Desert.

Also part of the Swamp Ninja uniform.



Fog Mask
[High Grade]
[Light Armour Class] [Metal Plate]
-Blunt resistance 0.36
-Cut resistance 0.41 (40% stun)
-Harpoon resistance 143pts
[Weather Protections]
-Duststorms 100%
-Gas 100%
-Head 70%
-Stealth effect 0.62x
-Combat skills effect -2
-Weight 4kg
-Value 2984
-Trade Value 746