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The Fogmen

The Fogmen is a Hive faction in Kenshi. They're distinguishable by their bluish skin.

Overview Edit

The Fogmen is a savage tribe lurking within the Fog Islands. Anyone who enters the Fog Islands are doomed to be attacked by the Fogmen. Captured victims would them be offered up to their respective Fog Princes as their feast. They're a feared cannibalistic tribe ambushing on unfortunate people.

One weakness is that the Fogmen are only able warriors. To make up for this weakness, they're known to be in immense numbers. Any time a group of Fogmen are attacked, more group of Fogmen will appear to swarm their adversaries. With their vast manpower, they can even take down a group of skilled warriors.

NPC Types Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Fog Prince and Fog Heavy are the only neutral NPCs who will only attack if nearby allies are attacked or if their own squad is attacked themselves.

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