Food Graphic

First we eat, then we do everything else.


Food consists of all the items in Kenshi which fill your hunger bar. A character's hunger bar is filled by 1 for every nutrition charge used. They automatically consume some food when their hunger gets below 250, unless the only types of food they have are edible ingredients. In that case they will not eat it until they get below 200.

Characters can eat any food in their own, or their squad member's inventories including that in their backpack. After eating the hunger bar slowly fills up over time. A character's hunger bar drains slower if the character is asleep, and also drains at a different rate depending on the Race.

Types of Edible Food Edit

All edible food items. Displayed with their nutrition value.

Non-Edible Ingredients Edit


Not all ingredients are edible by themselves, they are listed here.

Trivia Edit

  • The food system was first introduced in the v0.90 beta update.

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