Game Start

Known as Game Starts, players begin the game by selecting one of the backstories available to set a starting preference of skills and items to start off with. Full details on the characters and their stats and equipment can be found on their own page, accessed by clicking their name.


Wanderer Edit

The Freedom SeekersEdit

The Retired CaptainEdit

The Wandering TraderEdit

The Holy SwordEdit

Rock BottomEdit

Nobodies Edit

The Cannibal HuntersEdit

  • Starts with 2 characters in a random cannibal village in the Cannibal Plains with 9 Cats. Both characters will have random basic gear for all slots and no backpacks. The first character will start with 5 in combat stats and a First Aid Kit while the second will have 2 in combat stats and 20 in stealth stats and a First Aid Kit/Splint. The group will start surrounded by a large group of Cannibals with more joining in from nearby buildings.

Guy with a dog Edit

  • Starts in Bast with 13 Cats, 1 in all Stats, a Basic First Aid Kit, and an Unknown quality Iron Club. Is also accompanied by a baby Mountain Dog. The dog has a 45-55 in all combat Stats, however due to the penalties from being a baby it's Stats often end up in the negative at the beginning. Over time the dog will Age and the penalty will lessen, and eventually become a bonus.

The Slaves Edit

  • Starts in the Rebirth with 2 characters as slaves of the Holy Nation. Due to the Holy Nation's hatred of Skeletons, they are the only race not available for this start. The characters will have 1 in all Stats, Dyed Trousers/Dyed Robes and 0 Cats.

Trivia Edit

  • The Guy With a Dog start seems to be a reference to the Fallout series - The Lone Wanderer from Vault 101 and his loyal pet Dogmeat. It could also be a reference to "A boy and his dog" a 1975 postapocaliptic indie movie.