Players who are interested in growing and Crafting Items for trading should find this Guide to Building an Outpost helpful. Player Outposts can be built just outside of towns or deep in the wilderness.

Starting an Outpost Edit

Different regions in Kenshi offer very different resources and dangers. Before starting an Outpost, players should consider what they want to build and where they want to build it.

Territory Edit

be careful of whose territory and what animals are nearby

Territory: will tax collectors come bug you

Even Ruins can trigger base visits from the controlling faction. (ex: Tiny Settlement)

Dangers: will raids from Hostile Factions and Fauna occur here

If players are planning on Armour Smithing with Leather, they should pick a location near animals like Beak Things and Gorillos.

Prospecting Edit

stuff nearby. find out what's near and how much with Prospecting (not certain what leveling the skill affects)

Resources: copper, iron mines, Environment for farming

Power: can wind generators be used in this area? will you need to research biofuel?

Research Edit

Players will only be able to build a couple of things before needing to research additional Technologies. If players decide to start their outpost before doing any research, the only building which they will be able to Construct for shelter will be a Small Shack.

After building a Research Bench, characters can work at the bench to research. In order to build a Level 2 Research Bench, characters must research Small House and then Tech Level 2. Studying these Technologies will cost 8 Books. In order to determine how best to spend Research Artifacts, it is recommended that players research Tech Levels before spending Research Artifacts.

Build Mode Edit

maybe this needs its own section? link to Construction page

you choose the building and you click to place it, it change colors when you aint able and you can spin it with some keyboard controls so maybe a link to the UI guide in here

Types of Buildings Edit

if this for beginners maybe they gonna want this junk on the page and linked to the other explanations

maybe talk about job types here? like auto-haul and stuff

Visitors From Other Factions Edit

people gonna want to check out your digs if they fly

Trade Caravans Edit

these guys just wanna come to sell you stuff and its awesome because maybe you can save a trip to town for some electrical components. Hive traders are a common visitor in the Border Zone and often have a large amount of food, materials, and plants to sell. They can make it easy to start or expand your farms if you can deal with potentially getting ripped-off on prices.

Tax Collectors Edit

if you built in their territory you gotta pay property tax like everyone else

Base Raids Edit

if you got stuff, some people gonna want it, these attacks are all listed in Base Assault.

hostile factions can come bug you if you in their territory

animals might come eat all your crops if there's a nest nearby

Tips Edit

  • insulate yourself from the world. the swamp raptors can't eat all your hemp if the hemp is behind a wall with no gate
  • don't insulate yourself if you can't cook enough food to feed all your people

Recommended Start Areas Edit

These are some areas where other players have already started their bases.

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