In Kenshi you will most likely be attacked. When this happens it is best to be prepared and know how to heal yourself and others. This guide will cover the basics of first aid in Kenshi. If a character is not healed they will eventually bleed out and die. The effectiveness of healing increases if a characters wounds are bandaged and the character is allowed to sleep in a bed, conversely if the wounds are not bandaged then they will fester overnight.

Basic HealingEdit

1. You must have a first aid kit in your inventory.

2. Become injured or find someone else who is injured.

3. There are two ways in which to heal your characters.

  • 3a - To heal a specific target, you can select the character you want to apply the first aid with, then hold right click and select "First Aid" on the intended target.
  • 3b - All characters can use the "Medic" button, located in the bottom right. Selecting this will have your character apply first aid to all injured squad mates around them.

Advanced HealingEdit

In Kenshi you will eventually come across more serious wounds, such as broken arms or legs. This is when a splint kit will come into play. Splint kits are another type of first aid kits you can purchase. They are usually sold by the same trader that sell you first aid kits. You use splint kits in the same way as you use first aid kits, by either clicking the medic button or by right clicking, using the menu, and selecting "First Aid". However instead of a yellow bar it is a white bar. Splint kits will make it so broken arms, legs, and head are useable again. The white bar does not stop healing and once healed fully by a first aid kit, the white bar will disappear.

If a characters limb hits -100 health it will be amputated, such a serious injury will require an expensive robotic replacement or result in death.

Useful InformationEdit

  • If the medic button seems to not be working, move your characters around. It could be a pathing/collision issue.
  • Make sure to check the quality of the first aid kits you own, and compare it to the Field Medic level of the character you intend to have use them. As a higher skill level and better kits will heal more.

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