Hopefully, this Guide to User Interface and Controls can answer any questions players have about default control settings and Kenshi's extensive UI.

Controls Edit

All keyboard controls can be changed in the Options Menu. The default keys for controls are listed here.

Main Menu Edit

Continue Edit

Immediately loads the most recent save file.

New Game Edit

Opens up the "Choose Your Beginning" menu to choose the Game Start you would like. Options range from a poor man with a dog, or a man hated by the Holy Nation that has a sword and a thousand cats! (The money cats)

Load Game Edit

Opens up a list of save files to choose from.

Import Edit

Opens up a list of save files to import. Importing the game allows you to change some options in the "Advanced" area. Import your games when you install mods OR when the game updates. Importing after an update can prevent save corruption, and importing when installing a new mod can prevent some issues from occurring.

Import Buildings option Edit

Import Buildings brings over your outpost and houses you've bought inside towns and farmsteads.

Import Research option Edit

Import Research carries over all the research you've done up to the point of that savegame.

Import Dead NPCs Option Edit

Import Dead NPCs does two things. The first is, brings back character's you've killed over the course of that savegame. Take for example Golem of the Shek Kingdom. If you killed her previously and decide to keep her dead. She won't respawn upon importing the game with this option selected.

It is also doesn't refresh rare squad members or ones you've recruited. Now, if you don't select the option, it'll reset every NPC in the game and this includes those people you've recruited already. For example, you could have recruited Beep already and when you import without the option selected, you can recruit him again.

Options Edit

Opens up the option menu. Allows you to change things from font size, to town attack size, and to graphics and audio. Also has an area that shows your list of active mods.

Credits Edit

Credits for the game! Includes the famous "Chris Hunt"!

Exit Edit

It exits the game.

Options Tabs Edit

subheading 1 for each tab

Gameplay User Interface Edit

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Map (possibly have own entire header because of all related tabs in window?) Edit