Halfpants ragged

Halfpants (Ragged) are the base version for every other variant of Halfpants. They are unlocked to craft after researching Leather Armour Crafting. Halfpants are the most common piece of pants for many different NPCs, ranging from Citizen to Dust Bandits and are the starting pants for most of the Swords for Hire. The base version of Halfpants neither improve or decrease protection or stats for the character wearing them.


Halfpants are khaki colored trousers that have endured a lot of wear and tear. The pant legs are ripped and torn around shin height. Other than the length, they are visually identical to Cargopants.


Halfpants (ragged)
-Weight 1kg
-Value 50
-Trade Value 10


Halfpants Ragged
Oddly these pants still have a Halfpants (ragged) blueprint associated with them despite the recipe being unlocked with Leather Armour Crafting tech.

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