Unskinned Fragment Axe.

Heavy Weapons weigh more and swing slower but do more damage. Heavy weapons require brute force and deal heavy blunt damage. A heavy weapon will typically inflict more damage, but be much slower to wield.

When using a Heavy Weapon you gain extra strength experience from defending and attacking. Using these weapons are very tough for new characters, but with time and practice, they can become very powerful.

Weapon Skill - Heavy WeaponsEdit

The heavy weapons skill determines damage with weapons classified as heavy weapons. The skill is defined in game as:

"Affects damage. Most normal people struggle to even lift a full-weight heavy blade, and they require incredible strength and endurance to wield effectively. Beginners struggled with this weapon style and face a hard path ahead. As a result living practitioners are few and many men carry them only for bluff and posturing. The real masters of this weapon however, are men to be feared."

Attack speed with heavy weapons is determined by Strength alone. Dexterity has little to no affect on attack speed for this weapon type. Despite this, you do still accumulate a very small amount of dexterity experience by using heavy weapons. Someone with 40 strength should be better using this weapon type.

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Heavy Weapons are pretty rare to find on NPCs. You can buy them at certain Weapons Shops or find them in an Animal Nest or Ruin.

Heavy Class WeaponsEdit