Hive village map

Villages on the map

Hive Village is a town of hive race. Currently there are 6 villages.

There are 2 types of houses: living ones and shops. Hive villagers don't trade with player's hive characters because they are considered as hiveless (ex-hive, betrayer). So, to trade with hive player has to have intermediary of another race (human, skeleton or shek).

Villages are populated with worker drones, soldier drones and hive traders.

Behavior Edit

Worker drones act as laborers: cooking, mining, sleeping etc. They don't have any weapons. Therefore, they try to flee when face an enemy. However, if there are no more soldier drones around, workers can steal weapons from player's unconscious characters and try to fight the enemy.

Hive traders act as usual traders. They don't sleep and can fight.

Soldier drones act two ways: as town guard and as shop guard. Town guards fight with enemies to defend the village while shop guards will fight only to protect their shop and hive trader. In free time town guards patrol town and sleep while shop guards always staying still in shops. All soldier drones are armed with unknown grade flesh cleaver, rag loincloth and basic first aid kit.

Enlisting support Edit

If player flees from gorillos and wants to get support from hive, he should run into any house in hive village. In this case soldier drones will consider gorillos as an intruder and will fight with them. However, the Hive have developed a symbiotic relationship with beak things and will not aid the player should he flee or be attacked inside a hive village from the beak things.

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