Holy Farms are a series of similar minor outposts of Greenlanders located in territory owned by The Holy Nation and are the presumed source of food and farm based trade goods for the faction.

Behavior Edit

While Holy Farmers, Holy Farmer Wives and domesticated animals make up the vast majority of the population, the only NPC with dialogue options is the Holy Farm Leader who will trade farm based trade goods and domesticated animals with the player.

Every farm has at least one field of crops and is typically used for growing either cotton or wheat that is tended to by the Holy Farmers during the day.

Holy Farmer Wives do not seem to have a labor schedule, offer dialogue options or even spawn with a weapon. They remain inside with the Holy Farm Leader the majority of the time and flee during combat.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike player-built crop fields, the crop fields of Holy Farms never seem to ever yield anything for the player to loot even with 100% growth and 100% condition.
  • Even after becoming hostile to The Holy Nation, the domesticated animals of Holy Farms don't attack on sight or protect their allies even though their primary task is always "patrolling town."