This weapon was made by your faction.

–In-game description

Homemade are weapons made by players VIA Weapon Smithy.

Overview Edit

Any weapon made by the player faction will appear as created by this manufacturer, along with the name of the specific smith who made it.

Homemade weapons have no bonuses or penalties compared to the other manufacturers' weapons. And their stats should be considered the "standard" of that quality level.

Models Edit

  • Rusted Junk
  • Rusting Blade
  • Mid-Grade Salvage
  • Old Refitted Blade
  • Refitted Blade
  • Catun No.1
  • Catun No.2
  • Catun No.3
  • Mk I
  • Mk II
  • Mk III
  • Edge Type 1
  • Edge Type 2