Humans are a species that populate the majority of the game. This is even more true for the Holy Nation, where everyone but humans are looked down upon.

History Edit

The ancient humans might have created skeletons, become dissatisfied with their creations, and attempted a mass genocide at Obedience.

Data Edit

Greenlanders Scorchlanders
They are primarily best for farming, they tend to be an aggressive race, and are easily led astray.  The worst of them live in ignorance, knowing only greed and fear, reacting to anything different with hatred and violence, but the best of them are some of the greatest civilized scientists, engineers and warriors in the land. Scorchlanders tend to value personal freedoms above all else.  They don't tend to get along well with rules, regulations and religions, and as a result have a reputation as social misfits and are often found in more adventurous professions.  Despite this however, they are highly creative, making them natural-born traders and skilled weaponsmiths.  Honest to a fault, laughing in the face of manners, moderation and anything sensible, they make loyal friends, passionate enemies, and are great fun to drink with.
Combat Stats
  • Combat move speed multi: 1
  • Bleed rate: 1
  • Heal rate: 1
  • Combat move speed multi: 1
  • Bleed rate: 0.9
  • Heal rate: 1.1
Skill EXP Boosts
  • Blood: 75-150
  • Limb HP: 100
  • Blood: 75-150
  • Limb HP: 100
  • Max Speed: 27 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Hunger rate: 1
  • Vision Range: 1
  • Max speed: 27 mph
  • Min Speed: 18 mph
  • Hunger rate: 0.9
  • Vision Range: 1.25

Unique Recruits Edit

These are the unique recruits which are human. Some might randomly appear as either Greenlander or Scorchlander.

Greenlander Scorchlander Either

Trivia Edit

  • When the game first released, this was the only avaliable species.