Some trade goods.

In Kenshi, you will come across many different items from either looting or buying from traders. Items serve many purposes in Kenshi, and drastically affect the play-style you choose. They can range from simply being trade goods bought and sold for profit, to Weapons, Armour and Clothing. Some of these item types and usages are listed below.


One of the main aspects of Kenshi is to outfit your characters with armour, weapons, and clothing. Your characters have 7 equipment slots, each with a designated purpose that can be filled with one item. These slots are:

  • Weapon 1 - The primary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Weapon 2 - The secondary weapon slot, Weapons Only
  • Head - The slot for head based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Chest - The slot for chest based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Legs - The slot for leg based apparel, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Feet - The slot for footwear, Armour and Clothing Only
  • Backpack - The slot for a backpack, Backpacks Only


Backpacks are items that increase inventory space and add functionality to your characters. They impede combat, so thought must be taken before equipping.


Consumables are items that have a limited amount of uses, known as "Charges". These items are useless after all of the charges have been expended. Not all items have charges, but are still consumed upon use, such as Building Materials . The most used of these items are:

Trade GoodsEdit

Trade Goods are items that are bought and sold for profit. They can be purchased and sold to Traders at a markup. Heading from town to town is the cornerstone in the plan of a successful Merchant. Any item can be bought and sold for a profit. Some items exist that can only be traded at the moment, these are:

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