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The Jacket is armor in Kenshi that can be used as a Bodyarmor  for the player. As of 0.50.1 it currently does not belong to any Armour Class and can only be purchased.

Additionally there is a graphic glitch for characters wearing a Jacket. The armour does not recognize the character's right arm so the jacket's sleeve hangs loose not following whatever action is being performed.

Appearance Edit

The Jacket is a biege colored fabric jacket that has leather reinforcing patches just above the shoulder on both sides. The Jacket is held closed with a belt that wraps around the character's waist. 

Stats Edit

[Non-Standard Grade]
-Blunt resistance 0.06
-Cut resistance 0
-Chest 100%
-Stomach 100%
-Right Arm 100%
-Left Arm 100%
-Weight 2kg
-Value 21
-Trade Value 4


Jacket Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Tech Level lvl 2
Cost 51 cats
Location(s) to Buy N/A
Research Material Cost Production
Prototype 0 hrs - - hrs
Shoddy 12 hrs - - hrs
Standard 20 hrs - - hrs

Currently the only way to obtain the Jacket is to buy it from an Armour Trader

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