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Kenshi is a single player free-roaming Role Playing Game, with a Real-Time Strategy influence.


This is the Wiki for the game Kenshi! You can find it at Some parts may be unfinished but we are always looking for people to help expand the wiki! Make sure to join us on the forums also!

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Kenshi - 1st Trailer

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Forum Activity


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Update 0.44.0 Just came out on July 2nd including the following quote from Lofigames news feed;

Here we go, 0.44 is now out!

You will notice a lot of clothing bugs. Make sure to import to a new game, and sell your old bodyarmour because it's being phased out and will one day vanish.

The update is huge, so to protect my measly update server it won't be on the standard auto-updater for a few days or so. You can get it by the Steam or Desura auto-updaters, or by downloading the new installer here:

0.44.0 "Culture and stuff" This is a major overhaul to the items and artwork. Many items are being phased out and replaced, you may find some of your gear (like straw hats) looks wrong, they need to be replaced. NPCs will also be geared-up wrong, so you will need to import your squad into a new game world to fix everything up.

  • New AI Job system. Shift-click when giving an order and it will become a permanent job for that character. Eg shift-rightclick on a half finished building and he will become an engineer, helping out with all building jobs that appear. If you give him an order he will do it, then go back to building when he is done. Jobs can be removed in the orders panel in the bottom right.
  • Character AI jobs are also loaded and saved
  • Face customisation added to character editor
  • Hair for characters
  • Wandering traders should now work and buy stuff from your shop counters. They don't want your crappy looted swords though, they want food and booze and trade goods.
  • Totally new male character model
  • Entirely new bunch of armour and clothing, replaces most of the old stuff
  • You can find plastic surgeons in bars, basically they just re-activate the character editor for you.
  • Clothing and armour can modify your speed and combat skills
  • Clothing worn by some factions is tagged as a uniform. This reduces the re-sale value, and in future updates will have diplomatic effects too.
  • NPCs are now more random and unique-looking


  • Traders no longer permanently run out of money
  • Fixed the negative research progress bug
  • Game pauses during character creation, so you don't get attacked
  • Map screen now shows player towns again
  • Fixed AI problem where characters would run back and forth without doing anything

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