Kral's Chosen
Kral's Chosen are are racist group of rogue Shek. They often attack outsiders in the wilderness, despite the order from Esata the Stone Golem against it. While they do not like the "inferior" races, they are devout followers of Kral and even an outsider can earn their respect if they can prove their strength in combat.

They worship the Shek hero Kral who was a mighty warrior. During his final battle he faced 100 swordsmen in an ambush, after a long battle looking to favor Kral, he was stabbed in the back. During his stumble after the hit, he was swarmed by his enemies and dealt 100 cuts. The book Kral's Last Stand tells of this tale.

Details Edit

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Non-Player Characters Edit

Kral's Chosen are lead by Flying Bull. All other NPCs in this faction are simply labeled "Kral's Chosen."

Locations Edit

This faction is based out of New Kralia.

Kral's Chosen can be found roaming in the following regions: