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A tattered old book on the Shek hero, Kral's, last moments:

"The fierce warrior Kral took to the hills, it was an ambush; one hundred swords surrounded him. But he stood. Fearless. Waiting.

He took the first unrelenting strike and the front two fell. They charged from behind, the side, the front, but he dodged, sliced, hurled. The swords quivered and shook, and the blood of Kral's enemies ran the hills red.

A stab in the back and the swords closed in, Kral's assassin flung to his doom.

A stab to the gut and the swords closed in, Kral's swarmers cleaved from their feet.

The swords closed in and Kral was dealt a hundred cuts, passed to the other side, to Gateway where he lives an eternal hero."

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