Leather Tanning Bench
The place where leather comes from

–build menu description

The Leather Tanning Bench is a crafting building type introduced in version 0.67.0. This crafting station allows players to craft Leather, which is used by the Leather Armour Crafting Bench. Prior to version 0.67.2 the bench did not require Fabric to produce Leather.

The Leather Tanning Bench uses Animal Skin to create Leather. It is unlocked with the Leather Armour Crafting Research.

Leather Tanning Bench Construction InfoEdit

  • Type - Interior
  • 3 Iron Plates (Tech)
  • Estimated Build Time - 1 Hours
  • Power Consumption - 4
  • Efficiency - 100%
  • Produces - Leather

Leather Tanning Bench Building InfoEdit

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