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Legend of Luquin I Edit

"Luquin was a farmer's son, born into the outer edges of Catun. At the young age of 14, Luquin's parents' business hit misfortune and they were quickly thrown into poverty. Homeless in Empire society, they were treated as an unwanted burden and hastily sold into slavery. Beaten, starved and worked to exhaustion after a year in the mines, the hardship finally took it's toll on Luquin's father. He eventually succumbed to his fatigue, leaving Luquin's mother heartbroken and bitter.

With nothing left to lose, mother Luquin was determined for a life of normality for her son, so she hatched an escape plan. One night, she came for Luquin and freed him from his cage during a commotion. The two of the them fled to the outside of the camp until, suddenly, they were intercepted by one of the slaver guards. The brave mother threw herself onto the guard, his sword piercing through her torso. She yelled and screamed for Luquin to run as she gouged at the guard's eyes, blood streaming from her wound.

Luquin ran towards the barren outlands with tear-filled eyes, never looking behind..."

Legend of Luquin II Edit

"It was 7 years since Luquin had escaped the mines. Starving and alone in the desert, he'd been found by ninjas who took him under their wing and trained him in stealth and assassination. He vowed revenge on the nobles and trained hard under their education. At 22 years old, he returned to his hometown for blood. One by one, he'd pick off the nobles, instil fear in their hearts and make their days hell.

His first victim was Lord Kurusaga, one of Emperor Tengu's Inner Circle of High Nobles. The grisly scene was discovered by his personal bodyguard the next morning, Kurusaga's corpse impaled on his own sword. Pierced on the sword was a note: 'One down, five to go'. The Emperor and his Inner Circle had received their first of many death threats... and Luquin would pay dearly for it."