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"My husband, my master,

If you are reading this note, then I have since perished, put to death by the inquisitor. The official reason for my purging will likely be that I was tainted by Narko, trying to corrupt our holy society.

Teaching me to read and write, it was the best gift you ever could have given me. And it is because you gave me the right to an education that I now have a voice to say farewell to you. For that, I will be forever grateful. In my last words, know that I was just trying to make the Holy Nation a better place, for my daughter and for all women.

Are you happy to never know true love, but only the empty obedience of a servant 'wife'? Is it so wrong to want to be treated as an equal? Not to be condemned before I have even sinned? This madness needs to end. But how many more women need to die before that change can happen?


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