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Letter From A Swamper I Edit

A letter written by a swamp resident. Looks like it never ended up getting sent to the recipient.

"harmodius you should see this place. im making in a days work what we used to get in a month. im telling you this stuff is the shit. everybody that tastes it just wants more. never tried it myself though, prefer the hashish. stuff takes over you within months. ive seen entire families selling their houses and even their kids for a bit more. dad wouldnt fit in. he'd think we were assholes selling the stuff... doesnt matter as long as it isnt me"

Letter From A Swamper II Edit

A note written by a swamp resident:

"I messed it up. I had a quiet life, a child. Even earned enough to have my own place. Then I tried it. Just once I thought. See what it feels like. Tried it many times. Adding a little more every time. Hoping to recreate that first time. For every little I added I lost more. Didn't feel like it then.

I ended up owing money. Couldn't repay. Had to sell the house. Had to even sell the clothes. I sold my kid's future. But Fuli never left. Through all the shit I did, Fuli stuck with me. I never deserved that kid. No one does. We had to flee. We got found. I couldn't walk. I was too tired. Too weak. They enslaved Fuli. I must go save him. But I can't control myself anymore. I always need it. It enslaved me.

Please save my little boy. He doesn't deserve to suffer for my mistakes..."

Letter From A Swamper III Edit

A note written by a swamp resident:

"Well I can't fucking believe it. This place is real after all. Here, one gets what one worked for. No nobles who were born lucky breathing down the necks of workers and asking for rent. No fucking priests claiming they're the ones who got everything figured out and using people's ignorance to steal from them. The only law here is that of nature: strongest gets it all..."

Letter From A Swamper IV Edit

A note written by a swamp resident:

"im done with this shithole. why are we just grubs in hear when we could be fucking kings and queens outside. i say we book it you me and a few other folks. we grab what we can from the tresury and we make a run for it. we hire more peeple and we form our own bloody gang. after all thats what they told us when we came hear this is the jungle and everythings up for grabs."

Letter From A Swamper V Edit

A note written by a swamp resident, likely one of the Grayflayer Clan:

"fuck big gray. tiny bill got wasted and hes sittin on his ass goin soft and forbidin us to go skin swifty. hes got us on some bulshit erand to make sure we dont do the bastard in. big gray trusts you. and tiny bill was our fucking brother. waste the son of a bich"

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