Monster hunting, anyone?

A Leviathan is a humongous beast indigenous to the Leviathan Coast in the northwest region. A towering beast of the wild with incredible integrity, they can crush an entire squad of men under their irony feet.

Leviathan size

Size comparison

Though a challenging game to hunt, a hunter could be called a legend if they are able to conquer such an epic beast.

Players may get harassed by Beak Things while battling with Leviathans.

Drops Edit

Amount Image Name
Leviathan Pearl
Leviathan Pearl

Stat Edit

blood: 6959

head: 3724

stomach: 7449

chest: 7449

left arm: 3724

right arm: 3724

left leg: 3724

right leg: 3724

Attack: 46

Strength: 74

Dexterity: 36

Toughness: 58

Trivia Edit

  • Leviathans were first introduced in alpha version v?.??.?.
  • In the beta update, Leviathans returned in the v0.93.0 northwest area update.