Monster hunting, anyone?

A Leviathan is a humongous beast indigenous to the Leviathan Coast in the northwest region. A towering beast of the wild with incredible integrity, they can crush an entire squad of men under their irony feet. Though a challenging game to hunt, a hunter could be called a legend if they are able to conquer such an epic beast.

Players may get harassed by Beak Things while battling with Leviathans.

It drops a Leviathan Pearl upon death.

Stat Edit

blood: 6959

head: 3724

stomach: 7449

chest: 7449

left arm: 3724

right arm: 3724

left leg: 3724

right leg: 3724

Trivia Edit

  • Leviathans were first introduced in alpha version v?.??.?.
  • In the beta update, Leviathans returned in the v0.93.0 northwest area update.

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