Major Towns tend to be large settlements with many buildings and residents. They often have a large selection of stores and multiple buildings for sale. They are also the only items on the Map that can be seen at any zoom level, besides your own settlements.

Exploration spoilers beware obviously.

The Holy Nation Edit

The zealous fanatics of The Holy Nation inhabit these towns. They are not safe for non-human Races without Human escort. Even then you may encounter trouble with the residents and guards. Skeletons should stay away at all times, as they are kill on sight regardless of any escort.

Bad Teeth Edit

  • A town near the eastern edge of the map. This town does not tend to have any enemy attacks, nor enemies in the surrounding area. It also often has a large amount of barracks in it, causing some buildings to be missing, including bars. So do not expect to be able to come here and heal.

Blister Hill Edit

  • A large town in the northeastern section of the map with a good variety of shops. The areas around here are patrolled heavily by The Holy Nation, and as such is relatively free of any bandit presence. If you are a full Human squad, the very fertile areas around here are great for setting up a base. This is the spawn location the Wanderer Game Start.

Stack Edit

  • A large town on the just southeast of the center of map, on the edge of The Holy Nation's territory. It has a decent variety of shops, and its surrounding areas often have Starving Bandits, Wild Dogs, and Dust Bandits. With all of the relatively weak enemies it makes decent training area for newer characters. And it's proximity to the Western Hive and The Hub make it a good location for aspiring traders and thieves alike.

Shek Kingdom Edit

Admag Edit

  • The Shek capital, home of the Stone Golem. It has many barracks and 2 bars. Home to a Thieves Guild. Many 10 percent quality Copper mines dotted outside town.

Squin Edit

  • The other Shek town

United Cities Edit

Drifters Last Edit

  • A large town controlled by the United Cities faction, located in the Southwest region of the map known as the Hook. The town has a number of farms in the surrounding area, though the area is frequently attacked by Outlaw Farmers. The town is frequently visited by traveling merchants, as well as Slave Hunters and Man Hunters.

Clownsteady Edit

  • A compact town controlled by the United Cities faction, located in the Southwest region of the map known as the Hook.

Bark Edit

Sho-Battai Edit

  • A city controlled by the United Cities located in the central part of the Great Desert.

Stoat Edit

Heft Edit

Heng Edit

  • Heng is located in the Heng region, south of the Great Desert. Built upon a rocky plateau, it is well fortified and an important trading city for the United Cities.

Other Factions Edit

These towns belong to smaller more minor factions. They often only have one town, and in some cases may not even exist outside of these towns. They are safe for all Races unless otherwise specified.

The Hub Edit

  • The sole town of the Holy Nation Outlaws, and the least town-like town in the game. It's located in the south-southeast section of the map and consists mostly of ruined buildings with various criminals living in them. There is a large bar on the end of the town, and the Hub Barman is unique in that he is multiple types of traders in one. There is also lone building down the hill named Rebel Base whose purpose is unknown. Is the starting location of the Retired Soldier Game Start.

Mongrel Edit

  • The sole town of the Mongrel faction, located in the middle of the Fog Islands. Due to its location, it is extremely dangerous to attempt to get to, many players will lose multiple characters to the Fogmen on the journey. However, once you reach the town you will be safe, as the town is protected by many very powerful guards. The town itself has a good variety of shops, many having goods not available in The Holy Nation.

World's End Edit

  • Located in the North of Holy Nation territories, It belongs to Tech Hunters.
  • The University of Machinists can be found here, with a fair number of lore objects in barrels

Shark Edit

  • Major town of the swamps, it is home to 5 factions:
  • The Hounds, who are in charge
  • Stone Rats, mostly thugs and often fight with the hounds
  • Blackshifters, operates a casino
  • Twinblades
  • Grayflayers