Simple bindings to protect the bones of the fist. Commonly worn by martial artists, those who shun the use of the sword.

–In-game description

Martial Artist Bindings

Martial Artist Bindings is a clothing Shirt that provides a bonus to Martial Arts (+2) and provides Fist Protection (70%). 


Martial Artist Bindings are white cloth hand, abdominal and foot wrappings on the character. The appearance is similar to what you would normally see done for professional fighters to prevent injuries sustained from striking and being struck. 

Stats Edit

Martial Artist Bindings
-Combat skills effect 2
-Weight 1kg
-Value 200
-Trade Value 40


Martial Artist Bindings Blueprint
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Tech Level lvl ?
Cost  ? cats
Location(s) to Buy Clothing Manufacture Stuff Research
Research Material Cost Production
No Grade - hrs 0.8 3 hrs