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Mass Extinction I

Judging by our findings to date, the ancients possessed enormous power capable of both extraordinary creation and immense destruction. But what led to their abrupt end?

Natural disaster is the most logical theory, this would explain the larger areas of destruction, and it may even tie in more plausibly with Okranite tellings of the first extinction by tribals brainlessly associating it with an 'act of god'. Newly created skeletons may have been incubating in a safe place during the event, hence how they survived and why they have no memory of the incident: they were not yet born at the time.

Evidence of this safe place though, we have not yet discovered.

- Finch

Mass Extinction II

The other researchers make far too many assumptions within their theories that the ancients created the skeletons. Organics and skeletons: we do not know how either came into being. Remaining damages to the ruins show destruction either by means of natural disaster or the use of a super weapon and internal conflict.

Now, IF the master race 'owned' the skeleton, surely it would be the skeleton on the front line, and first to die, not the skeleton being the apparent sole surviving race. If it was in fact vice versa and the skeleton was actually the master race, this may be more conceivable that they turned out to be the sole survivors.

Skeletons were either the sole race of the ancient civilisation or the master race, no evidence suggests any other dominant race. How the skeleton first came into being is irrelevant, after all this is a question that all living things share in common and should not be used to undermine their role in ancient society.

- Sabina

Mass Extinction III

How did the skeleton survive the mass extinction of the ancients? Natural disaster and war explain the areas of destruction that we have found during excavations but they do not explain the continuation of the skeleton. Only biological and environmental factors can explain this. The ancients certainly had intellectual capacity to carry out biological warfare against each other, which the skeletons would have survived. In fact, an attack could have easily been carried out by the skeletons themselves.

Even non self-inflicted biological dangers such as plague, famine and toxic pollution from overmining are all possibilities. The central mines have shown us that they carried out excessive extraction of resources from the land, byproducts from this may easily have caused mutations and disease within the inhabitants.

- Atticus

Mass Extinction IV

A super weapon or sizeable destructive force could have been well within the ancient's capabilities and would explain the significant loss of land. Too much power was the ancient's downfall - when civil war and internal discontent finally hit them, the result was devastation by their own hands.

Were the skeletons the sole master race? I doubt it, the theory of skeletons being the dominant inhabitant is thwarted by the fact that they did survive: Why did they not rebuild their empire? One explanation: Perhaps the memory loss is responsible for this, a last resort defensive maneuver made by their enemy, the ancients seemed intelligent enough to devise such a radical psychological weapon after all.

- Idad